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Between The Lines: The Steps I Never Took
Between the lines and the times I spent crying are the few moments of happiness I cherish like a mother cherishes her baby boys first steps that I never took as a boy all cuz my private parts are confused, unlike my heart that beats only for you and the way moonlight shines on your hair and how my heart skips a beat or two till it stops entirely every time I kiss you under that same moon that soldiers see as they protect our home to be where so help me god love will explode with the happiness of our children that we can't ever have together all cuz of the steps I never took.
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To My Darling Camryn....
My heart beats for you Camryn with the need vines have to creep up the walls of houses that can't ever look like homes. People treat our love like children, but forget that they turn into adults, just like how we will, no, just like we have turned into adults simply by the power of this love that manny hate. But dosent that mean we just need to thicken our skins but keep our hearts soft so they can still receive the love we so generously give and get like gifts on Christmas morning? And just like those Christmases we need to cherish our love like everything we ever have. I love you baby, I need you to know that. Darling flower, you brighten up my cloudiest of days with your rays of optimism that makes grass grow on my mind, just to be mowed down by our humorous stupidity that keeps up safe from more serious terrors. Your words inspire me to create our home, even if it's only in our hearts. But I can wait if it means spending an eternity with you. Being 13 we can't hold our hearts out t
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Crying You A River
Do you rember that river?
The river we swam in when we were young?
Do you rember when that river dried up
On that steaming summer day?
Do you rember how when you left me there,
You said you would come back.
You said you would love me best.
And when you left,
That river filled up again.
You never came back.
I know you're gone
And can't come home.
But if you do,
I'll be here,
In this river,
Filled with tears.
:iconpupster699:pupster699 0 0
Continuously nagging and nipping at my sleeve
Trying to get me to
Tip over.
Live is short
And it should be.
In order to learn we have to
Before we pass out tests
So we can't help
Win the game.
Greatness is
Not earned
As everyone
Winning a game
Like this
Is more
Than you think.
:iconpupster699:pupster699 1 0
Dead As A Doornail
The barrier is thin,
The candles are lit,
The food is out,
And the dead swarm toward me asking
Where their familys are
Who i am
Why i can see them
Where they are.
Tears of a heartbroken boy,
The giggles of a small girl,
Frilly tutu and all.
Those poor unfortunate souls.
The youngest of them dont know,
The oldest do,
That all are as dead as a doornail.
:iconpupster699:pupster699 1 0
Little Doffer Girl
As I was stringing another thread that had come loose from the mill, Mr. Johnson brought a little girl by her collar to me.
"Here" he grunted, "show the little one how to do doff the machine.  She's no good, the little runt."
I nodded, and held out my arms to the girl, beckoning her to come. Johnson thrust her at me and turned to yell at Mattie, who was rubbing her hands so she could move them.
"What's your name, dear?" I said loudly, so she might have the chance to hear me.
"Clarissia." She yelled back. "But you can all me Clare."
"Ok, Clare. Did anyone show you how to change the threads?"
"Yes, but her hand got cought in that big part there, so i don't know how to buckle it down."
She was talking about Samantha, who died about a week before her 13th birthday. She was my best friend. We shared everything...
"But you know the rest?"
"Yesum', I sure do."
"I'll show you how, but let me tie your hair up good, or else youll end up like Samantha."
"And how's that?"
" Dead"
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Tears of Joy
Tears fall like raindrops
Cries are like thunder
But when you really look,
Those tears are of joy.
The sun is shining behind those clouded eyes.
Look for that rainbow, and never give up.
:iconpupster699:pupster699 2 5
Here Is Where My Heart Lies
This is what I live for. Running and jumping through the forest, swiftly avoiding obsticals. This is what I dreamed of. Having a family where hate is not in the vocabulary.
This is where I belong. The howls of my family and friends mixing as we sing to the moon asking for the Devine wisdom it holds.
Here, I am at my peak. Able to do anything and everything.
Here is where my heart and soul lie, burried in the dirt of the place that I can only touch the surface of.
:iconpupster699:pupster699 0 0
Don't Be Late For Tea! 2P!England by pupster699 Don't Be Late For Tea! 2P!England :iconpupster699:pupster699 2 0
Hetalia OC: New York
New York
Human Name: Marco L. Jones
Hight: 6'2"
Hair: Messy, Blonde hair that has a huge, spiked cowlick in the front.
Eyes: Bright, aqua eyes that have dark blue rings arround the edge.
Skin: Tanned and a bit dirty.
Apparent Age: 14
Other Visual Traits: Has scars on back and arms from 9/11
New York is an iritable but sencitive state that has a deep love for coffee, hotdogs, pretzles, and italian food. He is a good cook, and isnt a big fan of fast foods. He enjoys showtunes, Broadway productions, and trading stocks. He likes the outdoors, if it be the mountians or Central Park. When hangng out with his brothers and sisters or the nations, New York dresses in casual, baggy clothes that make him look younger than he is. New York hates his twin brother, New Jersey, because of his cocky, rude attitude. New York loves comic books and conventions. He is rebelious and up to date on the latest pop culture. He hates hights and cam be quite paranoid because of the events on 9/11. He
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